It is hardly possible to find a country similar to South Africa. An amazing story, amazing nature, and a high level of development make this country unique on the African continent. Two oceans, savannah, mountains, desert, vineyards, penguins and seals, rainforests, rhythms of African drums and De Beers diamonds - all this you will find in one country. In the constellation of countries in the South African region - South Africa is truly the most important diamond. It is the most developed country in Africa. South Africa is famous for its favorable climate. In the Cape Town area, Mediterranean moods prevail, in the Durban area there is more humidity, in the Kruger area of ​​the park and Johannesburg the air is more transparent, this is because of the height. A huge number of hotels, gorgeous roads and first-class tourist infrastructure make this country convenient and attractive to visit.

What to see

When visiting South Africa, many try to see the maximum in this region, so half of the tours include visits to neighboring countries, such as:
- Zambia and Zimbabwe, where Victoria Falls is located,
- Botswana, where such unique reserves are interesting as: Chobe Park and the Okavango River Delta
- Mauritius, Mozambique, where you can relax on the beaches with comfort (since the coastline of South Africa is very much washed by the waves). Further you can find information about hotel excursions for each listed region of South Africa

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Whale and dolphin watching

Southern and humpback whales come very close to the coast when they swim from cold Arctic waters for breeding and breeding. It takes place from June to November and is the best place in the world for whale watching, even from sushi This is Hermanus. You can go on a cruise to watch the whales in the sea, boats allowed to sail to the sea giants at a distance of 15 meters. You can also watch whales on cruises from Plettenberg, a fashionable resort on the Orchard Road, where besides whales you can see flocks of dolphins, as well as sea fur seals and sometimes predatory killer whales

Flowering in Namaqualand

The first flowers appear in July, along the coast, and then bloom throughout the province until October. It is during this period that flower lovers from all over the world rush here. Namakvalend bloom called the greatest flower show on earth and for good reason. Carpets of flowers of the brightest colors cover the earth to the horizon. There are about 6,000 plant species, 250 bird species, 78 mammal species, 132 reptile and insect species in this region. Over 40% of plants can only be seen here.

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T raveling on a luxurious train, without the inconvenience of the road, you will enjoy the beauty of African nature. Discover all the variety of shades of Africa: from the boiling life of noisy cities to endless evergreen meadows, while aboard the most luxurious train in the world. We invite you to enjoy an unforgettable journey, skillfully combining elements of former luxury, antiquity and modern innovations. Welcome train on the right bearing the title of Pride of Africa! Since its founding in 1989, Rovos Rail has earned its flawless international reputation as a company that gives people the most unforgettable impressions of railway travel. Just imagine how you are enjoying the luxurious kitchen, and the unique landscapes that the nature of South Africa abounds in are unfolding outside the window. On its way, which, by the way, can last from two days to a month, the 'Pride of Africa' connects the legislative capital of South Africa Cape Town with Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, the endless Namibian deserts with the quaint reed fields of KwaZulu Natal. Trains can accommodate up to 72 passengers in 36 well-equipped rooms. The most popular are the three-day routes (the train runs along the specified routes in both directions, you can choose the order that you prefer): Cape Town Pretoria Route Pretoria - Victoria Falls Route

G arden Path - a picturesque coastline between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, the largest center of Eastern Cape. The motley mosaic of African nature here is concentrated on a relatively small segment of 700 km. On the way from Cape Town to Watsvorn, you find yourself in the semi-desert Maloe Kara. The semi-deserts are replaced by the Outeniki mountain ranges, followed by the subtropical resorts on the coast and ocean beaches, and then the tropical forests of Tsitsikamma. This is how the route of a bright and intense journey leading to the Eastern Cape province is built.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is huge, the territory is comparable to a small European state. More than a million tourists visit the park annually, many of whom are independent travelers from South Africa. Therefore, the park has a good road infrastructure, shops and gas stations, camping sites and loggias. All this is convenient, but for those who want to see on a safari more animals than cars and people, we recommend to stay in a private reserve. There are many of them both on the territory of the park and adjacent to it. Private reserves, on the borders with their large neighbor do not put fences, allowing animals to migrate freely. If safari in Kruger Park is aimed at independent and budget tourists, then private reserves are guided by an exclusive product in a more expensive segment. Many private reserves regularly visit world fame and stars, Bill Gates, Elton John, Bill Clinton and others. And the world famous billionaire and air tycoon Richard Branson fell so in love with Africa that he built his collection of lodges in the Kruger Park area.

P rivate reserves in South Africa are safaris without a crowd, luxurious lodges decorated in classic safari style, excellent service, exquisite cuisine, spa, attentive attitude to guests and absolutely wild nature around. Some lodges are not fenced, and the animals come right into the territory, sometimes you can see an elephant by the pool, and sometimes even a leopard on your own terrace. Another important difference in the private reserve is the possibility of free movement, while in the state park you can move strictly along the road. This is a very significant point, as many animals are tracked down and found on the tracks, and animals do not always walk only along the roads. 7 best private reserves: Mala Mala, Londolozi, Singita, Thornibush, Kapama, Sabi Sands, Chitwa Chitwa Private Game Reserve

Addo Elephant National Park (Orchard Road).

The park was opened in 1931, when it had 16 elephants, today it is 550! The territory has also grown to nearly half a million acres, stretching from the arid Karoo Plateau in the north to the marine reserve on the ocean, where the largest colony of Cape Cormorants and African penguins in the south live and breeds. In Eddo Park you can see not only elephants, but also most African mammals, including lions, buffalo, black rhinoceros, leopards and zebras.

Shamwari Nature Reserve (Orchard Road)

This is one of the most famous parks, offers luxurious lodges for guests to stay in, among which were royals and many Hollywood celebrities. John Travolta loves to fly here on his plane and watch as giant eagles soar in a clear blue sky. In this malaria-free park, you can see the whole Big Arfican Five and a huge number of other animals and birds.

Pilanesberg National Park

The closest park to Johannesburg with the Big Five is very popular because of its easy reach, beautiful nature, the absence of malaria, the presence of the most interesting African mammals and developed infrastructure. There are several lodges of different price categories and levels in the park. The park is located in the ancient crater of an extinct volcano, it is noticeable by the characteristic landscape and rings of scattered stones in places.

Madikwe Reserve

One of the most beautiful parks in South Africa, undeservedly rarely visited by tourists. This park has an impressively successful history of preserving African animals. In 1991, here, on the border with Botswana, it was only 740 sq. Km. territories obtained for the reserve from private ranches that were unprofitable because of barren land. Today it is a land where 60 species of mammals, including the Big Five, live freely.

Hluhluwe Umfolozi Reserve

Approximately 2.5 hours drive from Durban is one of the oldest reserves Umfolozi. Its hilly territory is inhabited by a huge population of rhinos, herds of elephants and buffaloes. Lions and leopards hunt for ungulates. But on a safari you will see shy Nyala antelopes, and graceful giraffes and photogenic zebras. There are cheetahs, forest pigs, hyenas, the largest antelope of the Netherlands and many other diverse animals, birds and reptiles.

Water District Isimangaliso

National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. This unique ecosystem supports the biodiversity of natural wealth, and therefore is very important for our planet. The park includes 280 km of coastal and coastal waters, which makes it possible to see elephants with rhinos and whale sharks in one safari. Also within the boundaries of the park is interesting to see the Santa Lucia estuary, which organizes cruises.

Visa, flight, security, useful information


Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +2 Hours


The monetary unit of South Africa is a rand denoted by the symbol R. In 1 rand 100 cents. The exchange rate to the dollar is about 13-14 rand.
In South Africa, most international credit cards are accepted, such as MasterCard, Visa, and others. ATMs of most banks work around the clock. Hotels and shops also accept credit cards.


As a state, approved 11 languages, but African dialects and English the most used.


Please check holders of foreign Passports in South Africa the Home Affairs official site


Flights to South Africa are carried out by many airlines.  The flight taking into account the docking takes about 12-14 hours from Europe. The most popular airlines in this direction: Emirates, via Dubai, Turkish Airlines, via Istanbul, Etihad, via Abu Dhabi, Qatar Airways, via Doha, Ethiopian Airways, via Addis Ababa, also fly through Europe on Aeroflot flights, British Airways, Lufthansa, and others, together with South Africa's national carrier South African Airways.
Arrival and departure is carried out in one of the three international airports in South Africa: O.R. Tambo in Johannesburg, Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town, Durban King Shaka International Airport in Durban.
Thanks to a well-developed network of flights, South Africa is very convenient to combine with other African countries. For example, from Johannesburg, Cape Town, flights to Mauritius, Seychelles, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Madagascar, and also to Kenya and Tanzania are carried out.

Health and safety

To visit South Africa does not require special vaccinations. If you go to certain areas of Mpumalanga or combine with visits to neighboring countries (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique), consult with a specialist about the prevention of malaria (external repilants or pills).
South African sun has a high level of ultraviolet radiation. It is recommended to use sunscreen with a level of protection of 15 units and above, wear sun glasses and wear a hat. In terms of personal safety when visiting tourist places all is well. The country is developing dynamically and rumors of a rampant crime are clearly exaggerated and elephants do not walk the streets. Any guide will always help you navigate on the spot. And we will make a detailed travel route.

Weather and season

South Africa is a country of year-round recreation, in terms of the number of sunny days per year, occupies one of the first places in the world. The summer is hot with thunderstorms, and the winters are clear, dry and cold. Average temperatures: in summer (from November to March) +24 ... 32 ° С, winters +15 ... 26 ° С. The temperature of the sea water differs in different areas - from cool +12 ... 17 ° С in the Cape Town area (Atlantic coast) to +21 ... 26 ° С in KwaZulu Natal (Durban - Indian Ocean coast). From June to October in Hermanus, a town not far from Cape Town, you can see whales.