Hello, you have arrived at a site where there are many tours to Africa. Now is a great time to travel to Africa, when a good half of the world is locked in lockdown, the vastness of the African savannah is waiting for tourists. Today, without quarantine, you can go to Tanzania, where it is interesting not only to relax in Zanzibar, but also to go on a safari. Kenya, safari and ocean open. Ethiopia opened - tribes and ancient monuments of history. You can go to Rwanda, see gorillas, volcanoes, rainforests and safaris, or head out into the wildlife of Namibia. Agree - there is a choice!
Elena Pozdnyakova
,  Cult of Africa Club, Director 


TOURS TO ZANZIBAR Charter or regular season? How to choose a hotel and safari?

W e observe an amazing picture when 3 operators launched large charters from Russia to small Zanzibar with a frequency of three to four times a week. As a result, today, having arrived on this African island, we find ourselves in a familiar atmosphere, when the beaches are densely filled with our compatriots. One gets the feeling that he did not fly away anywhere, but ended up somewhere on the Black Sea beach, or Hurghada, only with palm trees, white sand and exotic locals. Now rest on a distant vacation has become available to everyone, from 95,000 rubles for 2 you can fly for 11 days in an economical "three rubles"
I f you want to avoid crowded places of tourists and prefer individual tours, but at the same time want to fly to Tanzania on a direct flight, then an alternative to charter packages is a direct flight from Moscow to Zanzibar to Ut Air, the first flight flies on November 27 - back on December 9, price from 56,000 rubles, for a child from 44,000 rubles. Then on December 8 there - December 19 back. There is a New Year's flight on December 29 there - on January 9 back, for the new year prices are from 99,000 rubles for an adult and from 80,000 for a child. A charter flight and hotel package is always cheaper, and if you are looking for a budget vacation option then this is for you.

Bought a tour of Zanzibar thinking about safari?

There is no safari on the island. You have to go to the mainland for him.
Advice! Don't go for a cheap safari, you save a lot on the price, you also get less in quality, and disappointment and regret as a result. Low price is achieved in two ways:
1. budget hotel away from the national park, as a result you sleep and eat rather mediocre, spend more time driving than the safari itself.
2. The shorter the safari, the cheaper, as a result, you may not see a wide variety of animals, and isn't that why you go on a safari?

There is a third way to significantly reduce the cost of safari without losing quality - is to travel in a group. The lowest price is achieved for a group of 6 people, this is exactly how much a car fits into a safari to go with a comfort and near the window.

I would especially like to say about safari with children. If you flew on vacation with the whole family, be sure to show the children the safari! But be careful when choosing a tour depending on the age of your children.

South Africa and beach holidays


If you want to relax away from mainstream destinations, then the beaches of Mozambique are what you need. The perfect combination with South Africa will bring vivid impressions from visiting Cape Town, exploring the culture of winemaking and safari in Kruger Park. If you're ready to add more domestic flights, then you can add Victoria Falls.

Examples of the proposed programs are made on request for family VIP tourists, but there is a space for optimization both in terms of duration and budget.


Tours to Africa for the New Year 2021

Why not go to Africa for the new year? You have the opportunity to celebrate the new year in the most unusual places on our planet. For example, in the savannah, under the starry African sky and the sounds of African drums, or at the grand Victoria Falls in South Africa, or in the legendary Cape Town on the Atlantic coast.

Family Tours

Animals are more interesting on safari than in zoo, show it to your kids! Family composition and cost are indicated on each tour. They can be sampled and optimized to taste. If you liked some tours, but the size of your family and the age of the children are different, write to us or call us, we will quickly calculate the cost just for you. Prices depend on the season and are confirmed on a case-by-case basis upon request.


To describe in words what VIP tours to Africa are is like trying to convey in words the aromas of blooming gardens - the language is too weak for this. Intuitive service, the best guides, ready to get a star from the sky for you. Private concessions, harmonious safari. Minimal intrusion into nature, conservation and respect for it.


Based on our experience and the questions that clients most often ask us, we offer a guide with information about parks, beaches, seasons, hotels, prices and tours in Kenya. In addition to the popular and promoted sites featured on many sites, there are many other places in Kenya worth visiting where there are no crowds of tourists. Private concessions, conservation projects, quirky hotels and excursions.



You can hardly find a country similar to South Africa. An amazing history, stunning nature, and a high level of development make this country unique on the African continent. Two oceans, savannah, mountains, desert, vineyards, penguins and seals, rainforests, African drum beats and De Beers diamonds - you will find it all in one country.



If you love safaris, there are unique parks, high animal population density, two scenic rivers, luxurious fishing, animal migrations, leopard valley, top guides, secluded camps and first-class service.

More than 30% of the territory is national parks, of which 4 of the most interesting can be distinguished: South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi, Kafue and the Luva Valley.

Offer tours to the best places.


When planning your trip to Africa, you probably want to include a visit to the legendary Victoria Falls. Truly, it is worth it to see it with your own eyes - no words and photographs can convey its grandiose beauty and magic. This unique place energizes, relieves any tension and negativity and gives an unforgettable experience to anyone who visits here. We have collected for you all the useful information that will help you plan your trip to Victoria Falls in the best way


Welcome to the most luxurious train in the world, rightfully called the Pride of Africa! Ever since its founding in 1989, Rovos Rail has earned its impeccable international reputation as a rail company providing people with the most unforgettable rail travel experience. Just imagine how you enjoy luxurious cuisine, and outside the window unfold the unique landscapes that are so abundant in the nature of South Africa.


The territory of this country fits well between the sides of the Great Rift Valley, surrounded by world famous safari destinations in Kenya and Tanzania. Here you can watch chimpanzees and mountain gorillas in the impenetrable forests in the morning, and in the afternoon you can meet lions tracking their prey in the vast plains.

A jungle full of birds and primates merges with the open savannas, home to everyone's favorite African animals. Add the mighty streams of the Nile, the Rwenzori mountains and Lake Victoria, the largest in Africa, and you have a difficult choice of what to include in the tour program.

But don't worry, we'll help you. Uganda is a safe destination.

A large selection of hotels will satisfy any request. But, compared to Kenya and Tanzania, only a thin trickle of travelers penetrates here, and the Ugandan safari still remains free of the ubiquitous tourists.


What distinguishes Uganda from other African countries the most is the abundance of fresh water. Misty lakes of the Rift Valley, streams in tropical forests, extensive papyrus swamps and of course Lake Victoria, the largest in Africa. Climb the slopes of the equatorial glaciers, search for the mythical whale-foot in the dug-out canoes , feel the vibration of the earth on the thundering waterfalls of Murchison, go rafting with rapids of category 5 or go fishing for the Nile perch.

Group and adventure tours

Traveling in a group is not only a good price, it is also bonuses from meeting new people, an opportunity to share the joy of impressions with new friends and fellow travelers.


20 UNUSUAL IDEAS which you can include on your next trip to Africa

• see the bloom in Namaqualand • visit the African Burning Man • take part in a cycling tour to the Cape of Good Hope or marathon • catch and cook lobster yourself • drive the wine route • stay in a hotel dome or in the treetops • meet with African sorcerer • go skiing in South Africa • see the clutch of turtles or see them hatch and run into the ocean • visit the township and see how Africans live from the inside • spend the night in the open air in the reserve • spend the night in an African village • hear the roar of a black-maned lion in Kalagadi and see the stars of the southern hemisphere • draw, walk with elephants or adopt a baby elephant • ride through Africa by train • conquer the highest mountain in Africa or at least see it • canoeing or snorkeling with seals • see 4 leopards in three days in the Okavango Delta • arrange a quad bike race in the salt marsh of Magadigadi and see zebra migration • live on a chimpanzee island and catch tiger bass.

Ethnic tours, expeditions

14 Days
  • Senegal - Gambia - Guinea Bissau

An amazing itinerary crossing three countries “north to south” to experience a continuous change of climatic ecosystems and human environments.

We move across spectacular variety of natural environments such desert dunes, savanna, estuaries, forest, mangrove swamps,  to end with a ocean navigation to discover and enjoy the Bijagos Archipelago. North to south is also the route of migratory birds, a constant presence along the whole journey. Djoudj in Senegal is between the three main migratory birds sanctuary on earth and Gambia is a well-known birding destination, just in the large park of Senegambia hotel is possible to spot 70% of the different bird species of the country.

We will discover historical sites as Goré ancient slave-trade island, Saint Louis – the first colonial capital of “French West Africa” and Bolama the Portuguese Guinea capital to day forgotten in the forest of a remote island. We will experience the contact with “Timeless” people as Nomadic herders, and remote villages and discover a prehistoric sites, with thousand  mysterious stone craved monoliths.

ART, CULTURE & MUSIC - nomadic herders, largest religious and peaceful brotherhood that practices an African form of Islam, animistic traditional religions, tribal kings, dancing masks and remote tribes who still worshiping ancestor statues; 

Unique events coinciding with the different departure dates:

Saltwater hippos & Turtle nesting – departures: Nov 2nd; Dec 21st  Salt water Hippos and Turtle Nesting in the Bijagos archipelago the largest protected animal in Orango National is the rare “saltwater hippo” living in the mangrove and sometimes going for a swim in the ocean! Poilao is uninhabited island and the main nesting site for Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia Midas) in West Africa. After dark, in silence on the beach, we await for the magic moment when a female emerges from the ocean to dig a deep hole in the sand and lay an hundred or more eggs. With a bit of luck we will be able to witness the hatching! … 

Vaca Bruto mask dances – coinciding departures Apr 13th. In Bijagos Archipelago life is still ruled by the “cycle of seasons”.The most spectacular Bijago mask is called Vaca Bruto (wild bull) and is a wooden helmet with eyes of frosted glass, real horns, leather ears and a rope through the nostril. During the Vaca Bruto Festival dancers embody the spirit of the mask with great realism: they bow and face the ground, just like a real untamed animal would do. The mask represents a man in full possession of his physical strength but with still an immature behavior since he has not yet undergone the final initiations. All the villagers attend this fascinating ceremony.

tour dates 06.05.2020


You can order a consultation and a roadmap for your future trip.
For 5000 rubles you get:
1. An online session, during which we will discuss what you are interested in in Africa, you ask, and we will answer all questions that will help you understand which way and how to build a route. < br /> 2. Detailed program and route by day with a map , mileage, hotels. No more wasting your time filtering information on the Internet.
3. Detailed estimate for all items.

What does it give you?

  • If you like to travel on your own, you get an up-to-date roadmap with life hacks from insiders with prices and choose where it is more profitable to book.
  • Cashback. If you decide to book with us, then the cost of the paid consultation will count towards the payment for the tour plus a bonus on the trip - a free dinner in a colorful restaurant or a sunset cruise or something else depending on your itinerary.


I n this block, we want to show you very different tours. Here are classic, group, exotic, adventure, safari, ethnic. We do not set ourselves the task of becoming an encyclopedia or reference book on Africa. We are only trying to kindle a spark of your interest and "infect" you with Africa, to show how different it is. And after that, make the tour of your dreams for you.

The heart of Africa is full and glowing,
And I know that if we sometimes see
Dreams that we can't find names,
That wind brings them, Africa, yours!

Nikolay Gumilev

The unique secrets of AfricaIt's unusual!

When you get here for the first time, you realize that you imagined everything differently than it really is. In different African countries, there are iconic places known throughout the world. They are included in most of the popular tours to Africa. And those who have visited Africa have seen the main ones. But there are corners that few people know about in wide circles. You will learn about such protected routes in different countries of South, East and West Africa in this section. The section is regularly updated.


As fans of everything African, we couldn't help falling in love with Rarity bags, having met the enthusiastic and talented artist and designer from South Africa, we chose models, colors, materials and got our own mini collection of exclusive bags and clutches in Moscow. We offer you an online gallery of what remains in stock. We give some things when ordering tours, others can simply be purchased.

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