On this page you will find programs for popular family tours that our clients traveled. These tours were created individually for each family, taking into account the wishes, number of days and budget. Each round shows the composition of the family and the cost. They can be taken as a sample and optimized to taste. If you liked any tours, but the size of your family and the age of children is different, write to us or call us, we will quickly make the cost calculation for you. All prices are orientation, depending on the season and are confirmed in each individual case on request.

Are you looking for a safari to Africa with your kids? Everything you need to know HERE.

Going on a safari to Africa with children is a great idea, and if you approach it correctly, you will have the best vacation of your life. From experience we know that many would like to go, but questions arise: is it safe to take small children on safari, from what age it is possible, and others. We answer the most common ones.

From how many years you can take children on a safari and for how many days so as not to get tired.

There are lodges that accept children from 0+, but this is more for domestic tourists. We would mark the lower limit of 3-4 years. At this age, children can already recognize the animals they see, and generally understand what's what, and parents can easily control the children, but at the same time, they can get rest for themselves when the child plays in the children's club or participates in the program of young rangers at hotel. At this age, we recommend including a 3-night safari in the program, as an addition to other sightseeing and ocean activities. From 5-6 years old, you can increase the share of safari in travel. As they grow up, children develop new interests and safari turns into a real adventure for them. However, you should not get carried away here, because a safari is a rather active event, with early waking up, sometimes moving, searching for animals, which in large doses tires even adults, so it would always be good to dilute 6-7 days of safari with relaxing on the ocean or stopping in a beautiful one. a comfortable place where you do not need to actively move, for example, in Cape Town or at Victoria Falls.

Best places to travel in Africa with children

  • In terms of comfort and convenience, South Africa with children is number 1 . There are no long journeys, in most parks there are no malaria risks, no vaccinations are required. Excellent infrastructure in the whole country and European level of service in hotels and lodges. A variety of landscapes and a rich fauna, while civilization is close and there is always a connection with the outside world. In private reserves there are not a lot of cars with tourists, the rest is exclusive, although not cheap. There is always an affordable alternative in state national parks. Safari cars are open, so children under 6 years old are not always accepted for game drives. Therefore, you need to choose a lodge suitable for a family vacation, taking into account the age of the children. If you prefer self-drive travel, South Africa and Namibia are definitely the right choice. The climate is mild and does not require adaptation. South Africa is convenient to combine with Victoria Falls and Botswana. Rest on the beaches of South Africa is specific, therefore can be combined with Mozambique and Mauritius.
  • Next comes Kenya, Tanzania . The advantage here is that you can take a personal program with a driver-guide and then there is no age limit, since a special guided safari car is assigned to the family for the entire safari period. Traveling to these countries involves safari in 2-4 parks and, finally, rest on the warm Indian Ocean. Exclusive safaris can be obtained through private concessions, while there are many cars with tourists traveling in national parks. If you do not take an air safari, then get ready to travel between the parks for 2.5 - 4.5 hours. The roads are not covered everywhere and are shaky enough, but the nature around is very beautiful and wild. Prevention of malaria is recommended. If you plan to visit two countries at once (Kenya + Tanzania), you must have certificates of vaccination against yellow fever.
  • If you are looking for something absolutely special, then a safari in Bostavna and travel in Namibia is what you need . Namibia has landscapes, desert, Atlantic, tribes and safaris. Large selection of hotels with comfort. If you are looking for a holiday that meets the highest standards, the country has luxury hotels and lodges and a well-developed private mini-aviation sector. Botswana will also surprise anyone with the beauty and wilderness of nature, combined with exclusive service in lodges and camps, many of which can be called the standard of luxury. Kalahari, Okavango, Magadigadi - these are the last untouched wilderness islands on the planet and a trip here assumes a complete separation from the outside world and civilization.
  • Zambia and Zimbabwe, in addition to Victoria Falls, attract true safari lovers with their rich national parks, where there are still very few tourists, and therefore nature is still pristine. But get ready to fly as they are far apart.

Is it possible to take children on a safari trip

The short answer is yes.
And now in more detail why.

  • Going on a safari with kids is easy, educational and fun.
  • Seeing African animals up close on safari in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience, and by the way, not only for children, but also for parents.
  • This helps children get a better understanding of conservation by seeing these beautiful animals on safari.
  • Watching the African sunset and falling asleep to the sound of a lion's roar is like no other experience you've ever had.

When choosing a safari, it is important to make sure that the lodge you like is suitable for young children. We're not just talking about family rooms. If they do not allow children on game drives, do not provide babysitting services, then you yourself will not be able to.

Our tips for planning a family trip to Africa including a safari

• Try to avoid long journeys, it is better to replace them with flights. A flight on a small plane for a child is a real adventure and vivid emotions.

• Choose from private reserves and lodges and private safaris. There are a lot of rules and restrictions in state parks. In private concessions, you will appreciate freedom from the very first game drive. In addition to animals, the safari guide will show even the little things so that children do not get bored from the monotonous ride for a minute, they will find a chameleon, a turtle, a bug or a bird's nest. Touching with your hands is more interesting than just seeing.

If you need help from an expert on family tours to Africa, contact us! We will advise countries for the first family safari and lodge depending on the age of your children. Age restrictions are different, and this information is not always there.

Is a safari with kids expensive?

It is unrealistic to cover all the lodges for review, so we offer the most interesting options in different price categories, taking into account the criteria for family vacations (spacious family rooms, villas, the ability to observe animals directly from the hotel, the presence of a pool, the presence of children's programs, games). You can find even more options on the site or get a personal consultation from our specialist.

Safari is by definition more expensive than relaxing on the beach or in the city. As a rule, if you choose the best location of the lodge, inside the reserve, then the price will include accommodation, three meals a day (since there are no restaurants around), drinks are almost always included in private lodges, and almost everywhere 2 safaris from the lodge (in the morning and after lunch) , as well as the fee for entering the park, which in some reserves reaches $ 90 per person. If there is no dependence on the budget, then choose private reserves, you will never regret the money spent. You will receive luxurious service in every detail, ultra-exclusive rooms from the world's best designers, the best guides, and an incomparable wilderness immersion experience.

What to take with you on safari

  • T-shirt + shirt + vest, in the winter months a hood or hat can be used
  • sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, and mosquito spray, especially if you are in an open car.
  • binoculars to help spot animals. Children love them and they are better than any toy. These do not have to be specially designed binoculars for children, a universal option will do, but not very heavy. You will be amazed how much more attention they give to safari.
  • a camera with a decent zoom lens.
  • closed shoes in case you go on a hiking safari.