What do we know about Zambia?

Population 17 million, of which 1.5 live in Lusaka. It shares borders with 8 states and is landlocked. Emeralds and copper are mined here. Most likely you know that there is Victoria Falls. This is where many of us know about this country ends. It is thanks to this that the wild nature here is almost untouched, there are few tourists, and the landscapes have not changed for hundreds of years. If you love safaris, then you will find unique parks, a high density of animal populations, two picturesque rivers, luxurious fishing, animal migrations, the valley of the leopards, the best guides, secluded camps and first-class service.

More than 30% of the territory is national parks, of which 4 of the most interesting: South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi, Kafue and Luwa Valley .

Below we offer tours to the best places.



South Luangwa is Zambia's premier national park and one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. It is also called "The Valley of Lepards" because there are a lot of them in the park. Leopards are one of the most secretive animals that are not easy to see on a safari, but here they are so brave that they go hunting even during the day.
A safari in South Luanwa is unlike anything, if you are a sophisticated traveler, then appreciate the "wildness" of its nature, and if this is your first safari, then you will fall in love with Africa forever. The concentration of wildlife in the Luangwa River and its lagoons is one of the densest in Africa.

Сафари в Южной Луангве, Kakuli
3 Days
  • Zambia

Возьмите три дня и две ночи в кэмпе Kakuli на сафари в сердце нетронутой дикой природы Южной Луангвы. Во время сухого сезона Kakuli...

Сафари в Южной Луангве, Nsolo
3 Days
  • Zambia

3 дня и 2 ночи в кэмпе Nsolo. Здесь вы получите полное уединение - это самый настоящий островок комфорта посреди дикой природы. Расслабьтесь...

VIP cафари в Южной Луангве
4 Days
  • Zambia

Проведите 3 ночи в великолепном лодже Chinzombo, в самом сердце заповедника Южная Луангва. Южная Луангва – главный национальный парк Замбии и один из самых больших заповедников дикой природы во всем мире, но при этом менее всех посещаемый туристами, отчего природа его остается нетронутой. Концентрация диких животных вдоль извилистой реки Луангва и ее лагун – одна из самых плотных в Африке. Река изобилует бегемотами и крокодилами и поддерживает более 60 видов млекопитающих и 400 видов птиц. Самый главный успех последнего десятилетия – это возрождение популяции диких собак. В лодже вам предложат все виды сафари, в сезон возможна рыбалка.



Classic Safari is the best way to see a wide variety of wildlife, large and small. You will visit all corners of the Lower Zambezi National Park and see the unspoiled places of Zambia.

You can also meet nocturnal animals during the evening safari. Elusive leopards, genets, civets, porcupines and pale owls await you. Big cats tend to be more active at night and you can witness them hunting. Your guide will point you to the constellations of the southern night sky.


The Lower Zambezi is ideal for canoeing. Explore the banks of the river under the guidance of experienced guides. You will be able to look at wild animals from a completely different angle - from the bottom up. Full day canoeing with picnic stop - what could be better? Use this time to relax, enjoy the pure beauty of nature and the sounds of whimsical birds.


On a scenic boat cruise, you will see wildlife at the watering hole and while swimming. Only by boat will you be able to truly appreciate the huge herds of hippos and the crocodile population.


Walking is the best way to get to know the smallest wild animals, learn more about plants and trees, and explore different signs and trails. In the morning, when it is still cool, a safari trip awaits you to the place from where an interesting and very informative walking tour begins. Be careful: while hiking, it is not uncommon to meet large wild animals and even lions!


Lower Zambezi National Park is located between an impressive hillside in the north and the Zambezi River in the south. This slope serves as a natural barrier to wildlife, keeping it in the plains and riparian forests. The Lower Zambezi is a wildlife lover's paradise. In the park, you will surely meet elephants and hippos, and there is also a healthy population of lions and leopards, and there are frequent encounters with hyenas and wild dogs. Other common animals are servals and steppe cats. The smaller ones are striped jackals, striped mongooses, tiger genets, civets, tree squirrels, honey badgers, porcupines and aardvarks.

Сафари на холмах Нижней Замбези, platinum
4 Days
  • Zambia

В тур входит: - 3 ночи проживание в роскошном кэмпе Sausage Tree Camp, питание все включено, - индивидуальное сафари - рыбалка - сафари на каноэ - экскурсии на моторных лодках и множество приятных сюрпризов для гостей

Сафари на холмах Нижней Замбези
4 Days
  • Zambia

В тур входит: - 3 ночи проживание в экслюзивном Potato Bush Camp, питание вск включено - утренние и вечерние гейм-драйвы - сафари на каноэ - рыбалка - пешее сафари - сафари на моторках Дополнительно оплачиваются внутренние перелеты в зависимости от маршрута



The Zambezi is the best freshwater sport fishing destination in the world. The Zambezi is home to one of the largest freshwater fish, the tiger fish. Tiger fish is a powerful and fast predator, the weight of a good specimen can be over 6 kg, so it takes a lot of skill to catch it.



The Endless Liuwa National Park is one of the last wild and unspoiled regions of Africa. It is located at the top of the Zambezi River floodplain in western Zambia. The landscapes of the park change over the seasons. In October and November, violent thunderstorms cover the horizon, and from January to May, flooded fields turn into shimmering blue lagoons dotted with lilies and flocks of wading birds. Luva National Park has a thriving population of cheetahs, hyenas, zebras, lychee and Öland antelopes, buffaloes, swamps and more than 300 bird species, including the crowned and rare gray cranes.