The unique secrets of Africa

Actually, there are a lot of unusual things in Africa. When you get here for the first time, you understand that you imagined everything in a different way than it really is. In different countries of Africa, there are iconic places known throughout the world. They are included in most popular tours to Africa. And those who have been to Africa have seen the main ones. But there are corners about which few people know in wide circles. You will learn about such protected routes in different countries of South, East and West Africa from this section. The section is regularly updated.


What to see and where to try in Africa? We offer you a list of unique places that we have compiled from our experience gained over 16 years of work. This is not a complete list, we can tell and show you even more.

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If you are a Big Cat lover, or a photographer, or you want to see white tigers in the wild (no longer anywhere else in the world), you might want to try night vision safari for the night inhabitants of the Karoo semi-desert, or just be in search for unique impressions - then the Tiger Canyon will not disappoint you!

Everything here is imbued with the magical energy of tigers.

This is probably the only place in the world where you can see a lot of them, close, fast, without dust and without crowds. Tiger Canyon - it is immense expanses, surreal landscapes, fantastic sunsets and endless starry sky.

In addition to tigers, you can see cheetahs, rare antelopes, servals and secretive nocturnal inhabitants, including ardwark and earthwolf.

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Why interesting:

  • Traveling away from mass destinations
  • Safari is like nothing else, a new experience for those who have seen the classic reserves and the entire African Five
  • World-class fishing (fly fishing)
  • Combination of safari and river adventures
  • Leopard Protection Project
  • Great opportunity to observe rare nocturnal animals
  • Boat picnic and bird watching
  • A paradise for walking through untouched nature

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We visited here and realized that there are still truly wild places in South Africa. And before we left home, at dawn, two leopards came to the lodge. We managed to see one, he walked along the bottom of the salt marsh under the cries of two ravens chasing him. Now we really want to show you this place, so we have made several tours and are waiting for your requests!

Kgalagadi Transnational Park is a part of Kalahari the size of the Netherlands or as two Kruger Parks. It is located on the territory of South Africa and Botswana, away from mass routes. You must definitely come here to hear the growling of the black-maned lion, try a safari on the sand dunes and see the rich wildlife that could adapt to the harsh conditions of survival. The nights in Kalahari are incomparable. A starry dome of the sky opens overhead and the Milky Way rises. Here you can find lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, jackals, and many small predators. You will see how important the secretary paces the bird, the ostrich raises dust in the mating dance, and the little measles falls with a stone from a height to impress the girlfriend. You can also see the Bushmen here.

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