Программа тура:

  • Simonstown Day 1 10.03.20

    Meeting at Cape Town Airport, transfer to Simonstown

    Arrival at the airport in Cape Town.
    Departure to Cape Town's sleeping area - False Bay, Simon’s Town. The beaches and activities of the False Bay Peninsula will delight any tourist. Here everyone will find something for themselves - a favorite corner of surfers in Muizneberg (especially for beginners) and Kommetje (for more advanced ones), antique shops, museums and fish corner restaurants Kalk Bay and St. James, in fine weather, just lie down on Fish Hoek Beach. A unique opportunity to plunge near the penguins on the famous Boulder’s beach in Simon’s Town. For romantics, a sunset at one of the beautiful beaches of the Scarborough Peninsula.
    For wine lovers, the Constantia and Steenberg area are just a 20-minute drive away.
    Included: Accommodation with breakfast, transfer from the airport to the hotel (attention to moving to the airport takes an average of 1 hour, but can take up to 2 hours, depends on traffic jams.), events depend on the arrival time.
    Accommodation: aha Simon’sTown Quayside Hotel

  • Simonstown Day 2 11.03.20


    Simon’s Town is a small, cozy town, once the center of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, and now South Africa. You can just walk along the promenade or the streets of the city, sit in a cafe, for the sweet tooth you must visit The Sweetest Thing.
    On your free day, you can lie down on the beach or order additional events in the easy accessibility of Simon's Town - visit the Cape of Good Hope, the oldest wine farm in South Africa - Groot Constantia and others, the historical museum and the museum of the marine fleet of South Africa in Simon's Town, penguin colony, marine walks, or walks to sharks, fishing, kayaking with penguins, surfing or scuba diving with rental equipment. (events depend on the wishes of the group, entrance to the park is paid separately)
    Included: Bed and breakfast.
    Accommodation: aha Simon’sTown Quayside Hotel

  • Cape Town Day 3 12.03.20

    Cape Town Tour

    After breakfast, a half day city tour in Cape Town with a local guide. During the tour, you will climb to Table Mountain (depending on weather conditions!); get acquainted with the history of the city - the fortress of Good Hope (1679) - the oldest building in the country, preserved to this day; walk through the former Malay quarter of Bo-Kaap and feel its unique Muslim culture of ancient times. The architecture of the area is a legacy of the city of Cape Town; drive through the central part of the city to Parliament, Slave Lodge, City Hill; take a stroll through the first garden (The Company Garden) of South Africa, founded by Jan fan Reybeck himself in 1952. (city tour depends on the group’s wishes, entrance to the park is paid separately).
    Overnight stay at a hotel overlooking Table Mountain. Sunset on the beach.
    Included: Bed and breakfast.
    Accommodation: Lagoon Beach Hotel

  • Dreichuk Day 4 13.03.20

    Visit to the National Park of Petrified Animal Remains

    After breakfast, drive north through the west coast of South Africa to Namibia.
    On the way, visit the national park of petrified remains of animals, some of them, according to archaeologists, are more than 5 million years old! Studies of local and foreign scientists studying the park were struck by their discoveries - more than 100 species of fossilized mammalian remains, including a bear, 3 species of elephants, a giant pig, short-necked giraffes and many others.
    We drive along the scenic road R27, part of which passes through the West Coast National Park. The park captures the Langebaan lagoon and several islands stretched out at the foot of the lagoon at Salhanha Bay.
    The length of the Langebaan lagoon is considered the most biologically rich section of South Africa and is protected by the international convention RAMSAR. Salt wetlands support the lives of more than 400 bird species — tens of thousands of birds all year round.
    Included: Bed and breakfast, dinner, park visit.
    Accommodation: Draaihook Lodge

  • Wredendal Day 5 14.03.20

    Bird Island and Rooibos Farm Tour

    After breakfast we drive to the small pearl town of the West Coast Lambert’s Bay. Walk to the bird island. Bird Island - a massive stone site, about 2 hectares in size, connected with the city by a breakwater. The inhabitants of the island are mainly gannets, cormorants, gulls, small penguin colonies are also found.
    We continue our journey to the valley of the red shrub - Rooibos tea. Visit to the plantations and tea factory. This endemic shrub in the Cedebreg region of South Africa supplies the world with this amazing caffeine-free drink created by nature itself. Red shrubs also produce medicinal cosmetics and sauces.
    Stop at a small winery on the west coast of Lutzville. A unique opportunity to appreciate the wines of this rich region.
    Included: Bed and breakfast, dinner, bird island entrance, excursion to the Rooibos farm, wine testing.
    Accommodation: Melkboomsdrift Guest House

  • Orange river Day 6 15.03.20

    Relocation to Namibia

    After breakfast, departure to Namibia. Passing the border.
    Departure to the Orange River, the longest in South Africa (2300 km), originating only 193 km from the coast of the Indian Ocean, crossing the continent from east to west and flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.
    Included: Bed and breakfast.
    Accommodation: Norotshama River Resort

  • Orange river Day 7 16.03.20

    Whole day rafting

    After breakfast all day rafting / canoeing on the Orange River under the guidance of an experienced guide. There are no crocodiles and hippos in the river, but there are category 1 rapids, overcoming which you will feel a surge of adrenaline, excitement, and after a short time in calm water you will feel peace and tranquility, you will enjoy charming views of nature, birdsong. At the end of the rafting, everyone will feel like a newborn, filled with harmony, beauty and a sense of deep satisfaction.
    Included: Breakfast and rafting.
    Accommodation: Norotshama River Resort

  • Fish River Canyon Day

    Fish River Canyon

    After breakfast, departure to the famous Fish River Canyon - the second largest canyon in the world, whose length is 161 km, width - 27 km, depth - up to 550m.
    Visit the canyon from two main viewpoints.
    Accommodation at the lodge.
    Those who wish can meet the sunset, climbing a mountain.
    Included: Bed and breakfast, visit Fish River Canyon.
    Location: Canyon Roadhouse

  • Luderitz Day 9 18.03.20

    Walk at sunrise in Gondwana Park. Moving to Luderitz

    A predawn one-hour walk, a meeting of dawn in nature, with a cup of tea or coffee, from where a beautiful view of Gondwana Park opens.
    After breakfast, departure to Luderitz, a port city located on the Atlantic coast, one of the first German settlements in southern Africa, founded in 1884.
    On the way, a stop at the observation deck near an artificial watering hole for feral horses, which surprisingly were able to adapt to the harsh desert conditions.
    Arrival at Luderitz. City tour.
    At the request of tourists, a visit to Dias Cross - the place where in 1488 the Portuguese ship moored for the first time under the guidance of the famous traveler and explorer Bartolomeu Dias, who established a cross on this place.
    Included: Bed and breakfast, city tour, visit to Dias Cross, dawn walk in Gondwana Park.
    Accommodation: Nest hotel

  • Luderitz Day 10 19.03.20

    Ghost town

    We are heading to Spergebiet (prohibited for visiting diamond territory), where diamonds are still being mined. Around - an unusual beauty desert landscape with many different kinds of desert plants. The tour includes a trip to the old "ghost town" Pomona, where there is still equipment that was used for mining diamonds from 1910 to 1930. This trip is a journey into the past, at a time when German researchers found the first diamond. It is easy to imagine their harsh life and very difficult working conditions.
    A cold lunch will be served in one of the old but well-preserved buildings in Pomone. After lunch, head to Bogenfels. Of extraordinary beauty, the arched rock towering in these harsh places will remain forever in your memory.
    Included: Accommodation with breakfast, full-day excursion (a copy of the passport of tourists is required to obtain permission).

  • Kittmanshup Day 11 20.03.20

    Visit to the "Playground for the Giant" and the mysterious forest by Cockerbom.

    After breakfast, departure to the farm towards Keetmanshoop.
    Excursion to the ghost town of Kolmanskop (at the request of tourists, for those who were not), left by people after the end of the "diamond rush", now conquered by the desert from people.
    A visit to the Giant’s Playground - Giant's Playgraund - clusters of huge stones stacked like baby pyramids and the mysterious Kokerboom (Quiver Tree Forest), consisting of aloe vera trees named after bushmen using tree branches as quivers.
    Included: Bed and breakfast, visits to the Gaming Playground and the Kokerboom Forest.
    Accomodation: Quiver Tree Camp

  • Windhoek Day 12 21.03.20

    Relocation to Windhoek

    Departure to Windhoek - the capital of Namibia, an attractive city surrounded by the high mountains of Auas ​​and Eros, located at an altitude of 1650m above sea level.
    Sightseeing tour of Windhoek, a beautiful city with a mixed western and African, ancient and modern culture.
    Included: Bed and breakfast, city tour.
    Accommodation: Hotel Safari

  • Windhoek Day 13 22.03.20


    Transfer to the airport. At will, the continuation of the program and flight to Victoria Falls.


• Cape Town

• Simonstown

• bird island

• Orange River

• Fish River Canyon.

• ghost town

• Playground for the giant

• Windhoek


Namibia, South Africa

The cost of the program per person - 2500 USD accomodation - double room


Included in price:

  • all of the above
  • double room
  • car rental 
  • tour guide / driver along the entire route
  • gasoline
  • 15% tax


  • airline tickets and insurance
  • optional excursions and activities
  • visas
  • tips