Tour Program

  • Addis Ababa - Bahar Dar Day 1

    Addis Ababa, the world's largest

    Arrival at Addis Ababa . Upon arrival, guests pass passport control and receive luggage. Then docking with domestic flight and flight to Bahr Dar. Transfer to the hotel by hotel minibus. Relax in the hotel, where there is a spa (sauna, massage)

    This city is located on the southern shore of Lake Tana. It is a very hospitable and attractive city, with good hotels, cafes and restaurants. Bahr Dar one of the largest cities of Ethiopia. From here, tourists can visit the ancient monasteries and churches on the islands and the coast of Lake Tana.

    Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia, located at an altitude of 1,830 meters above sea level. The Blue Nile also flows from Lake Tana. Fishermen and peasants living on this lake still float on papyrus boats similar to those used in ancient Egypt. Between the 13th and 17th centuries, the Lake Tana area was the political and religious center of the Ethiopian Christian state. Many churches and monasteries on the coast and islands of Lake Tana belong precisely to this period.

    The most famous and frequently visited churches and monasteries of Lake Tana (Ura Kidane Meheret, 16th century; Qabran Gabriel, 13th century; Narga Selassie, 18th century) with walls decorated with old paintings and frescoes depicting biblical motifs, as well as scenes from the life of the Ethiopian saints, made in a unique artistic style.

    Accommodation : Jacaranda Hotel

  • Bahr Dar - Gondar Day 2

    Excursion on a motor boat, a visit to the monastery of Ura Kidane Mihiret.

    Early in the morning motor boat tour . Also included are visits to the Khidane Mihiret Monastery of Ura, walking in the coffee forest, Blue Nile Delta. Return to Bahr Dar for lunch, then transfer to Gondar.
    This city, the third largest in Ethiopia, was the capital of the country in the 17-19 centuries. It was founded by Emperor Fasilides in 1636. Gondar is often called the African Camelot. Tourists take great pleasure in visiting the ruins of the royal palaces of the Solomon dynasty and the ancient churches of Gondar. The complex of royal palaces is quite well preserved. It includes the palace of King Fasil (1636), and the palaces of his descendants, kings Iyasu, Johannes, David, and Bakuffa, and the castle of Queen Mentwab.
    There are 44 churches in Gondar, but the most famous of them is the 18th century Debre Berkhan Selassie church, with a ceiling painted with angels.
    Accommodation: Goha Hotel

  • Gondar День 3

    Excursion in Gondar

    Excursion in Gondar. Visits to four sites are included: the complex of royal palaces (UNESCO World Heritage), the pool of King Fasil, the church of Debre Berhan Selassie, the ruins of Kuskwam.

    Accommodation : Goha Hotel

  • Gondar Day 4

    Excursion to Semien National Park

    Excursion to Semien National Park . Walking in the park for 2 - 3 hours, where you can watch the Jelada baboons (endemic). The walk is not difficult, accessible to tourists with average physical fitness. Return to Gondar in the evening and rest.
    Semien Park, also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was founded under Emperor Hail Selassie. In this park you can organize walks lasting from 2 hours to 2 weeks.
    Semien National Park is home to several rare endemic species: for example, the Ethiopian wolf (Ethiopian wolf), the mountain goat Valia (Walia ibex) and the jelada baboon (gelada baboon), as well as more than 50 species of birds. Ethiopia's highest mountain peak, Ras Dashen (4,620 m), is located in Semien Park.
    Accommodation : Goha Hotel

  • Gondar - Lalibela Day 5

    Африканский Иерусалим, 12 церквей Лалибелы

    In the morning, transfer to the airport and flight to Lalibela ET122, 10:00 - 10:30.
    This day is entirely dedicated to visiting the 12 churches of Lalibela (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
    Lalibela was the capital of Ethiopia in the 10-13th centuries. Four prominent kings ruled over this dynasty, the most famous of which was King Lalibela. On his orders in the 12th century, 12 churches were built, carved into the rock. Each church has a unique design. Almost all churches are operational. The most famous and most attractive is the Church of St. George, 15 m high, carved into the rock in the shape of a Greek cross.
    Four churches outside Lalibela are also interesting to visit. The first is Yimrehanna Christos of the 11th century, 40 km from Lalibela; the second is the 12th century Nakute Laab church, 6 km from the city, and the third is Asheten Mariam, high in the mountains, which can only be reached by mule or on foot, and the third is the 13th century Genete Mariam church with unusual frescoes.
    Lalibela attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists during Ethiopian Christmas celebrations on January 7th. This place is often called the 8th wonder of the world.
    Accommodation : Mezena Lodge,

  • Lalibela Day 6

    Excursion to a church outside Lalibela

    Excursion to 2 churches outside Lalibela
    - Yimrehanna Christos in the morning
    - Asheten Mariam after lunch
    Accommodation : Mezena Lodge

  • Lalibela - Addis Ababa Day 7

    Excursion to Addis Ababa and the purchase of souvenirs, departure from Addis Ababa

    In the morning, transfer to the airport by hotel minibus and flight to Addis Ababa Flight ET126, 10:10 - 11:10.
    Upon arrival, a brief exploratory tour in Addis Ababa and the purchase of souvenirs. The device in the hotel and rest.
    Transfer to the airport by hotel minibus and departure from Addis Ababa
    Accommodation: Nexus Hotel, (day use)

  • Capital Addis Ababa
  • Unique tribes of the Omo Valley: Mursi, Hamer, Konso, Dasenech and others (Arba Minch - Karat Konso - Turmi - Jinka)
  • Lake Tana, island monasteries and the source of the Nile (Bahr Dar)
  • African Camelot, the castles of Gondar - Semien mountain park and gelada monkeys
  • African Jerusalem and the underground Temples of Lalibela



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North Ethiopia






  • Breakfast Based Hotels
  • Minibus transfers to Addis Ababa and the north, as well as 4x4 cars in the south
  • Entrance tickets
  • Local guide services
  • Boat rental on the lakes
  • Escort of a Russian guide along the entire route


  • International flights, airline tickets on local airlines (5 flights)
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Photo and video shooting costs
  • International flights, local airline tickets (5 flights) Tipping
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Photo and video shooting costs
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