Tour program:

  • Jinka Day 1 23.11

    Arrival to Addis Ababa, flight to Jinka.

    Arrival in Addis Ababa, meeting with the guide. Transfer to domestic airport and flight to Jinka.
    Upon arrival, accommodation at the hotel and an excursion to the mountains on foot, where the Aari people live.

    Accommodation: Eyob Hotel, Jinka, breakfast meals


  • Turmi Day 2 24.11

    Acquaintance with the people of Mursi and Hamer

    In the morning, an excursion to the village of the Mursi people, return to Jinka and transfer to Turmi. Accommodation at the hotel and excursion to the village of the Hamer people. 265 km.

    Accommodation: Buska Lodge, Turmi, breakfast meals


  • Turmi Day 3 25.11.

    Excursion to the village of Dassenech and Karo people

    In the morning, an excursion to the village of the Dassenech people, then an excursion to the village of the Karo people.
    Return to Turmi in the evening and rest at the hotel. 300 km

    Accommodation: Buska Lodge, Turmi, breakfast meals

  • Carriage Minch Day 4 26.11

    Excursion to the village of konso people

    Departure from Turmi in the morning and transfer to Arba Minch. On the way, an excursion to the village of the konso people, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    Arrival to Arba Minch in the evening and rest at the hotel. There is a pool and spa.

    Accommodation: Haile Resort, Arba Minch, breakfast meals.


  • Addis Ababa Day 5 11/27

    Flight to Addis Ababa

    Transfer to the airport and flight to Addis Ababa. Purchase of souvenirs and gifts. Transfer to the hotel. A short city tour with a visit to the National Museum. In the evening, dinner in a traditional restaurant with live music.

    Accommodation: Nexus, breakfast meals


  • Tarangire Park Day 6 28.11

    Flight to Tanzania, Tarangire National Park.

    Departure to Kilimanjaro. 12-50 Meeting at Kilimanjaro airport. Briefing before the start of the safari program with a Russian-speaking representative. Drive 2 hours to Tarangire Park.
    Tarangire Park is located in the Masai steppe, which is characterized by rolling hills with marshy lowlands. The Tarangire River flows through the park, from which the reserve takes its name.
    The park is home to many animals. Animals from an area of ​​20 thousand km² flock to the river, among them zebras, buffaloes, impalas, gazelles, elandas, waterbags and others.
    Among the permanent inhabitants of the park are elephants, as well as oryxes and gerenuks. Trees are a favorite spot for lions, leopards and pythons.
    The park is home to over 550 bird species, including the largest bird - the ostrich, and the heaviest flying bird - the African bustard. Many birds are endemic to this part of Tanzania. Old termite mounds are the habitat of fire-headed trachyphonuses (African beards) and dwarf mongooses

    Dinner at the hotel (drinks not included)

    Accommodation: Maramboi Tented Lodge (hotel with pets on site).


  • Karatu Day 7 29.11

    Safari in Tarangire Park and Lake Manyara

    Breakfast and check-out from the hotel at 8 am, safari in Tarangir.
    Picnic lunch, transfer to Lake Manyara park and safari in the park, optional - a walk along the suspension bridge. After the end of the safari, transfer 40-50 minutes to the hotel. Dinner at the hotel.
    Safari to Lake Manyara which is located not far from Arusha in northern Tanzania at the base of the Great Rift Valley at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. The lake is 50 km long and 16 km wide. The lake was formed over two million years ago when streams of water filled the lowlands after the formation of the Great Rift Valley. The lake coast includes five vegetation zones. The fauna is diverse. Buffaloes, leopards, rhinos live on the shore of the lake. There are a lot of giraffes and antelopes. Unlike the savannah, there are wooded thickets in which large families of monkeys live, and the lions living in the park climb trees. The lake's alkaline waters attract more than 400 species of birds, including pink flamingos, especially visible against the gray rocks of the coast. Storks and herons soar in the rising warm air. Hot springs are located in places where the rift is close to the lake. Ernest Hemingway called the lake the most beautiful lake he has seen in Africa! (Wikipedia)
    Accommodation: The Retreat at Ngorоngoro

  • Serengeti Day 8 30.11

    Descent to the crater, safari in Ngorongoro,

    Early breakfast at the hotel at 7-30 am, meeting with the guide at the hotel reception. Departure for a safari to the Ngorongro crater.
    Descent into the crater, safari in Ngorongoro, the largest inhabited caldera, which is under the protection of UNESCO. ABOUT 25,000 ANIMALS HAVE IN THE CRATER. You will have a real opportunity to observe all the representatives of the African Big Five. (lion, elephant, rare black rhino, buffalo and leopard). In addition to large mammals, you will see countless other animals and birds. In the crater, there are several different islands of dissimilar vegetation, a small forest, a fresh lake, and a soda lake with flamingos.

    Safari with picnic lunch and departure from the crater no later than 15-00. Transfer to Serengeti. Dinner and rest at the hotel.

    Accommodation to choose from:

    Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge
    Upgarde - Melia Serengeti
    Budget option - Into wild

  • Serengeti Day 9 01.12

    Safari day in the Serengeti.

    Breakfast and full day in Serengeti Park with picnic lunch.
    Morning and evening safaris.
    Optionally, you can visit the Masayev village or take a hot air balloon flight. (optional order).
    Serengeti National Park is located in the Great African Rift. It is included in the list of the most famous national parks in the world.
    The unique climatic conditions determine the lifestyle of the representatives of the local fauna. Landscapes vary from grasslands in the south and savannas in the center to forested hills in the north. Real forests are located in the western part of the park. Endless plains, savannas, rivers and lakes are inhabited by more than 35 species of animals, including more than a million large mammals: lions (about 3000 individuals), wildebeests, elephants, rhinos, leopards, buffaloes, crocodiles, hyenas, giraffes, jackals , baboons, big-eared foxes and many others. More than 350 species of reptiles, an endless variety of insects also represent the nature of the Serengeti. Ornithologists count about 500 bird species in the park. The reserve is the best place on Earth to observe the life of lions, cheetahs and giraffes.

    Accommodation at the selected lodge.

  • Arusha Day 10 02.12

    Fly home or continue your holiday in Zanzibar

    Breakfast, morning safari. Transfer to the landing site and flight to Zanzibar or Arusha. Continuation of the program or flight home.

  • Addis Ababa
  • Aari, Mursi, Hamer, Dassenech, Karo and Konso villages and markets
  • Tarangire National Park
  • Safari on Lake Manyara
  • Unique Wildlife Amphitheater Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Safari in Serengeti Park


Ethiopia, Tanzania

Price per person accomodation -

Стоимость программы на 1  человека в двухместном номере :

  С Kubu  Kubu С Melia Serengeti

С Into Wild













Доплата  сингл

         420        470


Дополнительно оплачиваются внутренние перелеты:

авиаперелет Аддис-Джинка, Арбаминч – Аддис от 120 дол
авиаперелет Серенгети – Занзибар 390 usd, или Серенгети-Аруша 275 дол



1. Breakfast-based hotels in Jinka, Turmi and Arba Minch
2. Entrance fees for visiting all sites (Ethiopia)
3. Services of a Russian guide along the entire route (Ethiopia)
4. Transfers by 4x4 off-road vehicles (Ethiopia)
5. Individual use of safari jeep with an English-speaking driver-guide, fuel, driver and jeep fees in parks and hotels according to the program.
6. Briefing before the start of the safari program of our Russian-speaking representative
7. Specified accommodation for safari
8. Specified food
9. All fees in parks and reserves according to the program
10. Special fee for entering the Ngorongoro crater
11. Drinking bottled water in the jeep during the safari

Not Included

1. International flight Moscow - Addis Ababa, Kilimanjaro / Zanzibar-Moscow from 54000 rubles + air flight Addis Ababa - Kilimanjaro 400-450 usd
2. Lunches and dinners in Ethiopia
3. Domestic flights
4. Costs for photo and video shooting
5. Tipping to drivers and guides
6. Beverages in hotels not included in the meal plan (Tanzania)
7. Add. safari excursions (Maasai village, suspension bridge)
8 Add. excursions in Zanzibar
9. Transfers in Zanzibar
10.Hotel in Zanzibar
11. Honey. insurance 1.5 euros. per day


Safari car

4x4 Land Cruiser (5-7 seats)
This is a specially equipped safari car with an opening roof. At crossings between parks we drive with a closed roof, when we enter the park and the safari begins, then the guide raises the roof.
Inside, the car interior frame is monolithic, and because of the shaking on unpaved roads, this is the safest option.

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