Tour Program

  • Windhoek Day 1

    Arrival in Windhoek

    Arrival in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, an attractive city surrounded by the towering Auas ​​and Eros mountains, located 1650m above sea level. Meeting at the airport. Sightseeing tour of Windhoek, a beautiful city of mixed Western and African, ancient and modern culture. At the request of tourists, a walk around the city, shops, the market of wooden products by local craftsmen.
    Included: Bed & Breakfast, City Tour.
    Accommodation: Hotel Heinitzburg

  • Sossusflei Day 2

    Moving to the Namib Desert

    Departure to the country of beautiful monumental dunes, a natural reserve, the ancient Namib Desert (80 million years old). The central part of the Namib Desert - Sossusflei - is known for high, apricot-colored dunes that are constantly moving, changing shape and color: they say that they change up to sixteen different shades per day. The color palette ranges from pale beige to burnt brick, the play of light and shadow makes them very attractive for photographers. The dunes of Sossusflei are the highest in the world, reaching 350m and stretching to the horizon.

    Accommodation in the lodge. Rest.
    Included: Accommodation with breakfast, dinner.
    Choice of seating:
    • Le Mirage
    • Little Kulala (all inclusive)

  • Sossusflei Day 3

    A trip to the Dunes

    An early trip to the dunes, red and mysterious, illuminated by the first rays of the rising sun. Optionally, a walk to the "Dead Valley" and climbing the dunes, from which a fabulous view of the Namib Desert will open.
    The Dead Valley is one of the most famous and fantastic landmarks in Namibia. It is located in the very the center of the Namib Desert on the territory of the Sossusflei plateau. The valley is known for its unusual, cosmic landscapes. Amazing landscapes attract not only tourists but also filmmakers to Namibia.
    Scenes for Mad Max: Fury Road, 10,000 BC, Born in the Sands, Flight of the Phoenix, Gajini, The Cage and even 2001: A Space Odyssey were filmed here. ...
    Visit to the beautiful Sesriem canyon located in the park.
    Return to the lodge. Free time to relax.

    Included: Accommodation with breakfast, dinner, ticket to the park (Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei, Canyon Sesriem), transfer to the dunes.
    Activities for an additional fee: flights lasting from 40 minutes to one day, as well as riding in a hot air balloon, quad bikes.

  • Swakopmund Day 4

    Moving to Swakopmund

    Moving to Swakopmund - the Pearl of Namibia - a resort town located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, founded by the Germans in the 19th century. Beautiful alleys, palm trees, parks and gardens, the ocean, museums, souvenir and antique shops, modern shops, numerous cafes and restaurants - all this creates a special atmosphere of this lovely resort town. Arrival at Swakopmund. On request, an excursion to the Cristal Galery - a museum, where an interesting collection of stones and minerals is collected, or to the local history museum, the largest in Namibia. Free evening for relaxation, walks.

    Enabled: Bed & Breakfast.
    Accommodation: Strand Hotel 5 *, junior suite, 3 nights

  • Swakopmund Day 5

    Walk on the Atlantic Ocean, excursion to Sandwich Harbou

    Early breakfast, departure to Walvis Bay, Namibia's main port, for an exotic catamaran excursion across the Atlantic Ocean. You will meet with the inhabitants of the deep sea - dolphins, seals, etc. At the end of the trip - lunch with champagne and oysters on board.

    After lunch, excursion to Sandwich Harbor, which is part of the Namib Naukluft Park. This is a unique place that many have heard about, but few have seen with their own eyes. Giant sand dunes that extend straight into the ocean create an unforgettable, breathtaking landscape.
    Included: Accommodation with breakfast, light lunch, catamaran excursion, jeep excursion to Sandwich Habor .

  • Swakopmund Day 6

    Free day

    Rest or additional excursions to choose from, scenic flights, shark fishing from the shore.
    Included: Bed & Breakfast .

  • Ongawa Day 7

    Excursion to the village of Himba, safari in the Ongawa reserve

    Flight to Opuvo. Excursion to the exotic village of local residents of Himba, where you will get acquainted with the lifestyle, habits and traditions of the Himba - beautiful and proud people who still live according to the strict ancient rules of their tribe.
    Afternoon safari in the Ongawa Wildlife Sanctuary.
    Included: Accommodation with breakfast, dinner, excursion to the Himba tribe village by plane, afternoon safari in the Ongawa private reserve.
    Accommodation: Ongava Lodge, 3 nights

  • Ongawa Day 8,.9

    Two days of relaxation and safari in Ongawa Private Concession and Etosha National Park

    Safari in Etosha National Park (from the hotel) is the largest natural reserve in southern Africa, formed over 100 years ago. There are 114 species of mammals, 340 species of birds, 50 species of snakes and many exotic plants. The opportunity to see hundreds of various representatives of the animal world - elephants, giraffes, rhinos, lions, leopards, many species of antelope, birds, as well as a unique flora.
    Included: Accommodation with breakfast, dinner, safari to Etosha from the hotel.

  • Windhoek Day 10

    Windhoek meeting with the Bushmen

    Breakfast, departure to Windhoek. Upon arrival, accommodation in the Naancuse Nature Reserve.
    After lunch, meeting with the Bushmen.
    Included: Accommodation with breakfast, dinner, visit to the village with the Bushmen.
    Accommodation: Naankuse Lodge

  • Windhoek Day 11

    Flight home

    After breakfast. Departure to the airport.
    Included: transfer to the airport.

The cost of the program for 2 people accomodation - double room

The cost of the program depending on the chosen hotel in Sossusflee (day 2-3) for 2 people

Le Mirage 7860 * 2 = 15 720 dollars
Little Kulala (all inclusive) 9300 * 2 = 18 600 dollars
International flight additionally depending on airline From 150,000 rubles for 2-x economical class, business must be specified by dates



  • Accommodation as stated in the program
  • Meals according to the program
  • Program tours
  • Indoor stage flight
  • Rent a car
  • Tour guide - driver throughout the route
  • 15% tax

Not Included

• airline tickets and insurance
• additional excursions and activities
• drinks during lunch and dinner
• visas
• tip


  • Windhoek
  • Sossusflei, Namib Desert
  • Dead Valley
  • Sesriem Canyon
  • Atlantic, Swakopmund Ocean Cruise
  • Excursion by jeep in Sandwich Habor.
  • Himba Village
  • Ongawa Nature Reserve
  • Etosha National Park