Tour program:

  • Ruaha park Day 1

    Arrival in Dar es Salaam, flight to Ruaha National Park

    Arrival in Dar es Salaam, transfer to a regular flight, flight to Ruah National Park. Upon arrival, meeting and transfer to the camp.
    Accommodation: Jabali Ridge House, all inclusive meals



  • Ruaha park Day 2

    Morning and evening safari in Ruaha National Park.

    Morning and evening safari in Ruach.
    Be one of the few travelers to Tanzania's largest national park, home to 10% of the world's lion population and countless other species of animals and birds. Tanzania's largest national park, but relatively unknown, only a few travelers visit it annually.
    The park is named after the Ruaha River, which serves as a life buoy for animals in the dry season and forms the core of a much larger wild ecosystem with an area of ​​150,000 km2. The shores of Ruahi are a permanent hunting ground for lions, leopards, cheetahs, jackals, hyenas and the rare and endangered African wild dogs that prey on water deer, impala and gazelle. It is a remote wilderness that offers an authentic and deep safari experience for those who know and those who have a special place in their hearts for Tanzania's safari parks.
    Accommodation: Jabali Ridge House, all-inclusive meals.

  • park Tarangire Day 3

    Flight to Tarangire National Park

    Morning Safari.
    Transfer to the runway, 13-00 departure to Arusha.
    15-00 upon arrival transfer to Tarangire (about 2.5 hours to the park).

    There are many animals in the park. Animals flock to the river, among them zebras, buffaloes, impalas, gazelles, éland, water goats and others. Among the permanent inhabitants of the park are elephants, as well as gems and gernuki. Trees are a favorite destination for lions, leopards and pythons.

    Accommodation at the top of the trees.

    Accommodation: Tree Tops, full board meals





  • park Tarangire Day 4

    Wildlife Safari in Tarangire National Park

    Morning and evening safari in Tarangire (or a full day picnic trip)
    Tarangire is a park for those who want to step a little further from the beaten track to find themselves in truly wilderness. Tarangire National Park boasts large herds of elephants and buffaloes, as well as a wonderful concentration of big cats and is one of the best national parks in Tanzania. African wild dogs, kudu, Oryx and Gerenuk, rarely found in other parks in the Northern District, can also be found here, along with perhaps the best variety of birds in Africa. More than 550 species are attracted by its vibrant swamps. In the dry season from August to October, Tarangir has the largest number of mammals from all known Tanzania national parks.

    Accommodation: Tree Tops, full board meals



  • Rubondo Island Day 5

    Flight to Rubondo Island

    Morning safari, transfer to the airport, 13-20 flight to Rubondo Island, landing at Seroner at 14-20, flight 14-25.
    16-45 arrival, transfer to the lodge, accommodation, rest.
    The primeval equatorial forests of Rubondo Island on Lake Victoria in Tanzania are a truly untouched tropical paradise. Brightly colored birds and butterflies fly near the trunks of giant trees, elephants move through the forest like gray ghosts. Chimpanzee families live in the midst of the virgin forest, while the papyrus swamps hide the secretive sitatung, semi-aquatic antelopes that should be included in the list and must be seen by any experienced safari traveler.
    Accommodation: Rubondo Island Camp, full board. and excursions
    The beachfront campsite and eight luxurious chalet houses immerse you in the unique ecosystem of Africa's largest island reserve.



  • Zanzibar Day 6-7

    Two days of relaxation on the island of Rubondo,

    Rubondo Island, Lake Victoria.
    Two full days on the island.
    This place is not only a utopian fantasy for passionate naturalists, but also a dream of a real fisherman. The protected waters of the Rubondo Island National Park are a breeding ground for the Nile Tilapia and the Nile perch, a huge predatory fish whose legendary status causes the fisherman to breathe faster.
    What to do, included in the price:
    • Animal Watching: boat and car excursions.
    • Bird watching.
    • Forest trekking.
    • Canoe safari.
    • Excursions to neighboring islands.
    • Private overnight in the forest (price on request)
    Accommodation: Rubondo Island Camp, full board accommodation

  • islands Zanzibar Day 10

    Transfer to the airport, departure home

    Airport transfer, departure home


  • Safari in Ruaha National Park.
  • Safari in Tarangire National Park
  • Rubondo Island, Lake Victoria