Tour Program

  • Luderitz Day 1

    Arrival in Windhoek, Departure by charter plane to Luderitz

    Arrival in Windhoek - the capital of Namibia, an attractive city surrounded by the high mountains of Auas ​​and Eros, located at an altitude of 1650m above sea level. Meeting at the airport.
    Departure by charter plane to Luderitz, a port city located on the Atlantic coast, one of the first German settlements in southern Africa, founded in 1884.
    Arrival at Luderitz. City tour if time permits.
    At the request of tourists, a visit to Dias Cross - the place where in 1488 a Portuguese ship moored for the first time under the leadership of the famous traveler and explorer Bartolomeu Dias, who installed a cross on this place.
    Included: accommodation with breakfast, city tour, visit to Dias Cross.
    Accommodation: Nest hotel

  • Sossusvlei Day 2

    Excursion to the ghost town - Kolmanskop, departure by charter plane to Sossusvlei

    After breakfast excursion to another ghost town - Kolmanskop , where there is a museum that recreates the life of the "diamond rush", now recaptured by the desert from people.
    Fly to Fish River Canyon . Visit the famous Fish River Canyon - the second largest canyon in the world, the length of which is 161 km, width - 27 km, depth - up to 550 m.
    After lunch departure by charter plane to Sossusvlei - a country of beautiful monumental dunes, a natural reserve, the oldest Namib Desert (80 million years old) with the world's highest sand dunes reaching 350m, stretching to the horizon. Activities planned by the hotel may include quad biking, walking tours, visits to Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei, Canyon Sesriem.
    Lodge activities included in the room rate (schedule to be agreed with the manager upon arrival): Safari in the private Namib Rands Reserve, walking tours with an experienced naturalist guide, stargazing with a professional astronomer.
    Included: full board, hotel activities, drinks during lunch and dinner, tea, coffee, transfers to / from the hotel.
    Accommodation: Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

  • Sossusvlei Day 3

    Drive to the dunes, visit the Sesriem canyon.

    Early trip to the dunes, red and mysterious, illuminated by the first rays of the rising sun. Optionally, ascent to the dunes, from which a fabulous view of the Namib Desert will open. Visit to the beautiful Sesriem canyon. Return to the hotel for lunch. After lunch, activities scheduled by the hotel.
    Included: full board, activities scheduled by the hotel, drinks during lunch and dinner, tea, coffee.

  • Swakopmund, Day 4

    Flight to Swakopmund, Excursion to Moon Valley and Welwich Drive

    Fly to Swakopmund - The Pearl of Namibia - a resort town located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, founded by the Germans in the 19th century. Beautiful alleys, palm trees, parks and gardens, the ocean, museums, souvenir and antique shops, modern shops, numerous cafes and restaurants - all this creates a special atmosphere of this lovely resort town. Scenic flight along the ocean coastline.
    Included: accommodation with breakfast, transfer from / to the hotel, excursion to the Moon Valley and Welvitchia Drive.
    Accommodation: Strand Hotel

  • Swakopmund Day 5.6

    Two days of rest in Swakopmund.

    Rest, optional excursions to choose from. Excursion to Sandwich Harbor, shark fishing.

    • We offer a unique experience of an overnight stay in the desert Camping in Sandwich Harbor, Namib Desert - a trip to the desert with tents for one night.
    Accommodation: Strand Hotel

  • Swakopmund Day 7

    Excursion across the Atlantic Ocean by catamaran.

    Depart for Walvis Bay for an exotic excursion across the Atlantic Ocean by catamaran . You will meet with the inhabitants of the deep sea, seals, dolphins, whales (in season). At the end of the trip - lunch with champagne and oysters on board.
    Fly to the Shipwreck Hotel - in the heart of the famous Skeleton Coast Park. Chalets in the style of the remains of wrecked ships are located in the dunes overlooking the ocean.
    The entire coastline of Namibia was once called the Skeleton Coast. Today it is the name of a park on the north coast of Namibia, which stretches from the Kunene River to the Ugab River. The natural reserve was founded in 1971, the area of ​​the protected area is 16,845 km2. This is the third part of the country's coastline.

    Life in these harsh places is very rich - many birds, elephants, lions, brown hyenas and other animals that have adapted to the desert climate.
    History has thousands of shipwreck remains. The inaccessibility of navigation in this part of the Atlantic Ocean is caused by thick fog, winds and the strength of the cold Bengal current. The most famous ship remnants are Eduard Bohlen, Dunedin Star, Cawdor Castle, Suiderkus, Sir Charles Elliot and Kaio Maru.

    Included: full board, drinks with meals, events scheduled by the hotel, transfer from / to the hotel, sea cruise (individually).
    Accommodation: Shipwreck Lodge

  • Swakopmund Day 8

    Activities of your choice

    Events scheduled by the hotel of your choice:
    - full day excursion to Möwe Bay - seal colonies, the remains of the wrecked ships Suiderkus and Karimona and abandoned diamond mines;
    - a one-day expedition in a 4x4 car along the Hoarusib river - clay castles, natural geological structures, among which brown hyenas often roam, there is a chance to meet desert elephants or lions;
    - meeting the sunset among the “roaring dunes” and much more.
    Included: full board, drinks with meals, activities scheduled by the hotel.
    Accommodation: Shiprwreck Lodge

  • Serra Cafema Day 9

    Flight to Serra Cafema Serr, visiting the Himba tribes.

    After breakfast flight to Serra Cafema Serra - luxury hotel on the border with Angola on the Cunene River. Planned activities may include visits to the Himba tribes where you will learn about the lifestyle, habits and traditions of the Himba - beautiful and proud people who still live by the strict ancient rules of their tribe; riding quad bikes on the sand dunes; a walk to the waterfalls, a Land Rovers safari along the valley, etc.
    Included: full board, tea and coffee after lunch, drinks with meals, events scheduled by the hotel, transfer from / to the hotel.
    Accommodation: Serra Cafema

  • Serra Cafema Day 10

    Leisure activities of your choice.

    Approximate schedule of activities at the hotel:
    6.30 Rise
    7.30 Morning activity, breakfast in nature (depending on weather conditions) or breakfast at the hotel
    12.00 lunch at the hotel
    15.00 tea, coffee
    15.30 Evening activities
    20.00 Dinner
    Activities can include a safari, a visit to the Himba village, quad biking, a river cruise on the Kunene River.
    Included: full board, tea, coffee after lunch, drinks with meals, events scheduled by the hotel, transfer to / from the hotel

  • Windhoek Day 11

    Flight to Windhoek, sightseeing tour

    Fly to Windhoek.
    Afternoon sightseeing tour of Windhoek, a beautiful city of mixed Western and African, ancient and modern culture. At the request of tourists, a walk around the city, shops, the market of wooden products by local craftsmen.
    Included: Accommodation with breakfast, dinner, transfer to / from the airport, city tour.
    Accommodation: The Olive Exclusive

  • Windhoek Day 12

    Flight home

    After breakfast, departure to the airport,
    Included: airport transfer


  • Windhoek
  • Sossusflei, Namib Desert
  • Dead Valley
  • Sesriem Canyon
  • Atlantic, Swakopmund Ocean Cruise
  • Himba Village
  • Fish River Canyon
  • Möwe Bay




Cost of the program for a family

In each case, the price is calculated taking into account the dates and composition .

The most recent calculation for a reference point was in March 2021 when 2 families traveled with us (6 people, including 2 children 11 years old), so the price for such a company.

1. The cost of the land program with accommodation in lodges, including all activities -
for a family of 2 adults, 1 child - 8170 * 2 + 2860 = 19200 dollars

2. The cost of flights is $ 16440. 2 families, that is, for each family $ 8220 is obtained.

3. Additionally, on request, the cost of a camp package in the Sandwich Harbor dunes for 2 days / 1 night is $ 4900 for everyone, that is, for each family $ 2450 (this includes: overnight in dome-type tents, beds with accessories, warm water in a mobile shower, group escort of 3 senior driver guides, 2 assistant guides, 1 car with camp equipment and food, and 2 Land Cruisers for guests)


- all of the above
- charter flights
- English-speaking tour guide - driver along the entire route (Russian-speaking - on request)
- 15% tax

Not Included

- airline tickets and insurances
- additional excursions and activities
- drinks during lunch and dinner
- visas
- tip