Tour program:

  • Ngorongoro 5/7/20 Day 1

    Arrival, meeting and departure to Ngorongoro

    Arrival in Tanzania, meeting and transfer to the lodge.
    Transfer to Ngorongoro, on arrival accommodation at the lodge, rest.

    Accommodation at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge, full board meals

  • Serengeti 5/8/20 Day 2

    Ngorongoro, descent to the crater on a safari, transfer to the Serengeti.

    Ngorongoro, descent into the crater on a safari.
    You will spend the day at the bottom of the largest inhabited Ngorongoro caldera, which is under the protection of UNESCO. About 25,000 ANIMALS live in the crater. You will have a real opportunity to watch all the representatives of the big African five. (lion, elephant, rare black rhino, buffalo and leopard). In addition to large mammals, you will see countless other animals and birds. In the crater there are several different islands of dissimilar vegetation, a small forest, a fresh lake, as well as a soda lake with flamingos. Stop for lunch and rest near the Ngoitokitok lake, where hippos live

    Departure to the Serengeti National Park. The name of the park in the Masai language means "endless plains", and within its borders are concentrated three million large mammals. Safari on the way to the lodge.
    Accommodation at Serengeti Sopa Lodge, full board meals


  • Serengeti, 5/9/20 Day 3

    Serengeti Safari

    Serengeti Safari Day, we will explore the eastern, western, northern and southern parts of this huge park, following the path of wildlife migration.
    Morning and evening safaris.
    If you wish, you can visit the village of Masaev or fly in a balloon. (order optional).

    The most famous wildlife sanctuary in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Serengeti National Park is spread over an area of ​​about 14,763 square kilometers. This unique wildlife sanctuary has earned its fame thanks to the highest concentration of flat animals on the continent, including lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinos.
    Accommodation at Serengeti Sopa Lodge, full board meals



  • Manyara Lake. 5/10/20 Day 4

    Transfer to Lake Manyara.

    Morning safari and departure to the national park on Lake Manyara. (it takes about 3.5 hours to get to the park).

    Safari in Lake Manyara Park.
    On the lake shore live buffalos, leopards, rhinos. A lot of giraffes and antelopes. Unlike the savannah, there are wooded thickets in which large families of monkeys live, and the lions that live in the park climb trees. The alkaline waters of the lake attract birds, including pink flamingos, which are especially noticeable against the gray stones of the coast. Storks and herons soar in the streams of rising warm air. In places where the rift is close to the lake, there are hot springs. Ernest Hemingway called the lake the most beautiful of what he saw in Africa! (Wikipedia)

    Arrival at the lodge, accommodation, dinner, relaxation.
    The lodge is surrounded by the scenery of the Great Rift Valley.
    Accommodation at Manyara Serena Lodge or similar, full board

  • the island of Zanzibar 5/11/20 Day 5

    Perelet on Zanzibar.

    Transfer to Arusha and flight to Zanzibar.
    Upon arrival you will meet and transfer to the north of the island to the best beaches.

    Accommodation at your choice:

    La Gemma Dell’Est 5 *, all inclusive
    Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel 4 *, breakfast, dinner


  • the island of Zanzibar 5/12/20 Day 6-9

    Holidays on the Indian Ocean

    Four days on vacation.
    Optional excursions to choose from (you can order from a local guide and bargain on the spot)
    - spice plantations (half a day)
    - swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean (half a day)
    - cruise to uninhabited islands with snorkeling (full day)

    Accommodation at your choice:

    La Gemma Dell’Est 5 *, all inclusive
    Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel 4 *, breakfast, dinner


  • islands Zanzibar 5/16/20 Day 8

    Transfer to the airport, flight home

    Transfer to the airport, flight home

  • Arusha
  • Safari on Lake Manyara
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area Unique Amphitheater
  • Safari in the Serengeti National Park
  • Zanzibar Island